A co-operative nursery school is a bundle of wonderful experiences for both child and parent.  It is a school created by mothers and fathers with the help of professional leaders. It continues through the planning and participation of the members’ elected officers, who form the Board of Directors. A member receives from the school a full program for his or her child, which represents the educational philosophy of the school.

Parents can observe their child, and other children, objectively in a natural setting and thereby become acquainted with the typical behavior of young children. This opportunity for observation gives members a good basis for understanding and interpreting the development and behavior of their child. It also provides them with the tools for responding to various parenting situations gained through observations and insights. Members also develop familiarity with materials and equipment suitable for play activities with young children, a familiarity that can be carried over into the home.

UPNS receives from its members a readiness to participate in school activities. Members are expected to participate in the daily program of the school; to attend school meetings and offer ideas and suggestions at school meetings; to assume a contributing job at the school; to participate in fundraising; and to help keep the school functioning smoothly.

For all of us, the school offers an opportunity to be active in, and feel part of, our community as well as make friends for our children and ourselves.



(PLEASE NOTE: This information is updated as often as possible. All information is subject to change.)



Work in your child’s classroom twice per month:

  • 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Kittens, Kangaroos, Dolphins)

  • 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM (Koalas)

Families with more than one child at UPNS must co-op an additional four-hour session each month per additional enrolled child.



One adult from every UPNS family is required to attend General Meetings, as listed on the Master Calendar. All members will be held responsible for information presented at General Meetings, regardless of attendance.



Because we are not subsidized by the University or any other agency, fundraisers are necessary in order to cover our operating expenses and keep tuition reasonable.  Fundraisers seek money for enrichment activities such as music, soccer, gymnastics and field trips, and the purchase of books, equipment and other items not covered in our daily operating budget (financed by tuition). The fundraising done depends entirely on the membership, their ideas and their participation.

Each family is expected to raise $350 in fundraising revenue between September and graduation in June by participating in various fundraising activities planned throughout the year. Fundraising activities include Family Fun Day, an annual fund drive, family dinner nights, bake sales, sales of UPNS T-Shirts, Scrip, and book fair. Other fundraising activities are also planned each year.

Additional funds or supplies occasionally come from in-kind donations. In-kind donations do not count towards members’ $350 fundraising obligations. Additionally, families are encouraged to find out if their employers will match their annual fund donations.



One adult from every UPNS family is required to attend a School Cleaning per quarter. Parents clean, repair, and generally enhance the overall environment of the school.

Quarterly School Cleanings are held 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturdays, as listed on the Master Calendar

Our original facilities had their origin as an old warehouse. Parents spent a great deal of time and effort converting this warehouse into a delightful and unique school environment.  We feel it is our responsibility, not only to the past, but also to the future, to follow the same tradition. While we do not have the same maintenance requirements that we had at the old school, we do want to maintain our facilities, and keep them looking new for future students.



As an alternative to attending the Quarterly School Cleanings, members can elect to contribute by volunteering for a Committee Position. Note: Committee Positions are to be performed in addition to monthly classroom co-oping requirements; they do not replace monthly classroom co-oping requirements. Sign-ups for Committee Positions for the upcoming year take place in May.

The following is a sampling of jobs. Please see the Vice President for a complete list of Committee Positions and/or a detailed job description.

  • Fundraiser Assistant

  • Family Fun Day Coordinator

  • Librarian

  • Laundry

  • Historian

  • Scholastic Book Club

  • Food Purchaser

  • IT