The Value of a Co-Op

    A co-operative nursery school is a bundle of wonderful experiences for both child and parent.  It is a school created by parents and professional leaders. It continues through the planning and participation of the members’ elected officers, who form the Board of Directors.

    Parents can observe their child, and other children, objectively in a natural setting and thereby become acquainted with the typical behavior of young children. This opportunity for observation gives members a good basis for understanding and interpreting the development and behavior of their child. It also provides them with the tools for responding to various parenting situations gained through observations and insights. Members also develop familiarity with materials and equipment suitable for play activities with young children, a familiarity that can be carried over into the home.

    UPNS receives from its members a readiness to participate in school activities. Members are expected to participate in the daily program of the school; to attend school meetings and offer ideas and suggestions at school meetings; to assume a contributing job at the school; to participate in fundraising; and to help keep the school functioning smoothly.

    For all of us, the school offers an opportunity to be active in, and feel part of, our community as well as make friends for our children and ourselves.