UPNS Reopening

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, UPNS will be functioning under a severely altered structure in the short term. While these changes are temporary, we want families to prepare for the possibility that these changes could last one year or more due to the predicted disease progression of COVID-19. UPNS is following recommendations and requirements for reopening from the CDC, the LA County Department of
Public Health, UCLA and the American Association of Pediatrics. These
recommendations are fluid and may be updated at any time due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic. The following are a summary of our best practices and regulations as of 8/12/2020.

Daily Schedule

UPNS operates Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5:00 PM with full-time care only. Due to financial constraints imposed by class size restrictions, and the inability to mix classroom groups, part-time enrollment is suspended until class size restrictions from health departments and
UCLA are lifted. Currently enrolled families and former part-time families will have priority for part-time re-enrollment when it becomes possible again.

Snacks & Lunch

UPNS is not providing snack service for children at this time. All families need to provide their own snacks each day in disposable packaging. Teachers cannot warm up lunches and all lunches must be provided in
disposable containers.

Drop Off & Pick Up

All drop offs / pick-ups are at the back kitten play yard gate. Parents are required to wear masks and line up according to physical distance floor stickers. One child enters the school at a time and is escorted to their classroom by their teacher. No parents are allowed to enter the school at this time except for emergency situations.


Families cannot co-op at this time. No parents are allowed in the ECE complex except for emergency situations. Current health department regulations recommend minimum person-to-person contact, thereby suspending co-op practices until further notice.


UCLA Student $1,475

UCLA Faculty Staff $1,575

Non- Affiliates $1,675

*Please remember that costs are much higher with the restrictions imposed by UCLA and local health depts. Because of the fluid nature of the situation & applicable safety protocols, tuition payments will be reassessed for a possible adjusted tuition to start august 1, 2021 based on the status of the pandemic and any resulting class size allowances or restrictions.


Due to safety mandates, classroom sizes have been significantly reduced and can only accommodate full-time students, with two consistent full-time teachers. Students cannot intermingle in classrooms or play yards to avoid cross-contamination.

Enrichment & Events

Outside vendor enrichment classes (music, soccer & gymnastics) are suspended until further notice. School wide events like quarterly cleanings, quarterly meetings, and in-person fundraising events are also suspended.


Due to limited staffing and policies prohibiting parents from entering the facilities, drop-off is strictly limited to 8 AM – 9 AM and pick-up 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM There is one mid-day pickup between 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM by appointment only for those who want to pick up their child mid-day. Parents cannot pick up their children at any other time unless there is an emergency.


We have done everything in our power to maintain staffing and salary throughout the pandemic. However, severe limitation of classroom sizes
and the projected loss of revenue going forward allows us to only keep full-time teachers employed.

Health & Safety

The safety and well being of our children, families, and staff are of the utmost importance. We want to be clear that while our procedures are meant to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19 at UPNS, each family must decide for themselves their relative risk tolerance of sending their
children into a group setting at this time.


Each child and staff is screened upon arrival with a touchless thermometer. Any child or staff with a temperature of 100.4 or above is not allowed to enter the facility. Administrative staff may do a brief health screen of any child or staff. Anyone who screens positive for symptoms must be cleared by a physician before returning to school.

Exposure & Testing

UPNS will require mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for all UPNS
teachers and staff, regardless of vaccination status,


Teachers wear masks at all times. Kittens are encouraged but not required
to wear masks. Kangaroos and Dolphins wear masks indoors and encouraged outdoors. Parents are required to wear masks at pick up and drop off.


We disinfect, clean, sanitize toys, bathrooms, classrooms, and outdoor areas regularly throughout the day. Tactile toys are student specific. Cloth/plush toys have been removed. We wash hands every 30 minutes. Please make sure your child is washing at home long enough to sing the ABCs and keep nails trimmed.


Physical distancing is encouraged between children as much as possible.
Rugs are taped to indicate distanced seating spots, tables are divided with
colored masking tape to help kids with spatial awareness, children rotate play areas, classrooms are modified to lessen amount of toys available at one time and toys are disinfected throughout play times, dress up materials have been removed, circle time is conducted with only 5-6 children at a time.


If a known infection is detected at school, UPNS will inform the health dept, UCLA ECE, and UPNS community. Action will likely include temporary closure for sanitization, classroom closure for 10 days, or entire school closure for 10 days.


Families should be prepared for any of these closure scenarios, as they may happen at any time with little notice. In the event of any future school closure due to COVID-19, unfortunately, paid tuition will not be refunded and no discounts will be given.

Welcome to the UPNS Family

Although this is not the UPNS that we all know and love, it is the one that we have right now so we welcome you home and we can’t wait for your family to become a part of ours, and eventually, understand how special this UPNS community really is!