Enrollment Process

When your child is accepted to UPNS, you will be notified by phone.

  • Within one (1) week of the day you were notified, you must notify UPNS of your intent to enroll or your child will be removed from the application process. Parents also have the option of declining a position and remaining on the waiting list.
  • Within two (2) weeks of the day that you were notified, you must fill out the enrollment forms through Kindertales and pay the non-refundable enrollment fee of $500. If you fail to enroll within the two week period, another child from the waiting list will be given the space.
Enrollment Fee

There is a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee of $500, ($250 Registration and $250 Security Deposit). The Security Deposit will be credited towards child’s first month’s tuition. 

What to Bring

UPNS and our qualified teachers will provide your children with a warm and supportive learning environment. All materials are provided by UPNS and activities will include sand and water play, clay and play dough, sculpture, painting, collage work, blocks and dramatic play, cooking, nutrition education, gardening, music and rhythms, stories, animal care and a wide variety of outdoor play. Our teachers will let you know if and when it is appropriate to bring additional items from home.

As you begin the school year, below are some items that will be helpful to bring to school for your child:

  • Photos: one (1) family photo, three (3) photos of your child
  • Extra set of clothes (including underwear, socks, and shoes)
  • During the winter: extra sweater or jacket
  • During the summer: water-play clothes (e.g., swimsuit, towel, water shoes)
  • If your child is in the full-day program: cot sheet or fitted crib sheet, pillow, light blanket, and an optional snuggle item
  • If your Kitten Room child is not yet potty trained: diapers and wipes

Please DO NOT bring:

  • Toys
  • “Weapons”
  • Crocs
  • Cookies, candies, and other sweets