Emergency Procedures

  1. In the event of a serious accident, the Director (or acting Director) will call the family and the child’s doctor as listed on the emergency form in the school file, or the UCLA Emergency Room.
  2. Until the child is removed from the school for treatment, or until a doctor arrives, the Director (or acting Director) will be in charge and will make all decisions regarding the care of the child.
  3. It is understood that the parents of the child will accept responsibility for any expense resulting from emergency care.
  4. Accident forms, or “Ouch” Reports, shall be filled out for any accident, no matter how slight, occurring at school. Parents may seek compensation from the insurance company for expenses incurred from injury at school.
  5. Emergency forms containing the name of each child’s physician and office telephone number, as well as the signed Medical Consent Form must be in the school files at all times and available for immediate use. Without the Medical Consent Form, UPNS cannot obtain treatment for an ill or injured child. Please keep this file current.
  6. The school first aid kit shall include a copy of the Red Cross First Aid Handbook and as a minimum, the following items: clinical thermometer, alcohol, antiseptic, sterile cotton and gauze bandaging, adhesive tape, Band-Aids and scissors.
  7. Earthquake and Fire safety:
    • In the event of earthquake or fire, do not telephone the school. Be assured that we are doing our best and are waiting for you to pick up your child. Phone lines are always tied up after such a disaster. We need our phone available to us at any such time.
    • Earthquake Kits are provided by the school.