Staff and Board Members

Roles of Staff

The staff of the school consists of a Director, Assistant Director/Head Teacher, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and the Office Administrator. The Director is the professional head of the school. She is responsible for all matters concerning the children and daily operation of the school. The Assistant Director/Head Teacher, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants have challenging jobs, both planning the daily program for the children and helping parents gain new insights into the children. Parents can help them do their jobs better by having a cooperative spirit. The Office Administrator is responsible for the smooth operation of the school and works closely with the Director.

The staff is interested in furthering the education of the members in the principles of child guidance through observation, participation, and educational speakers at Parent Education Meetings. They are also available for conferences with parents. The Director will provide on-going parent orientation during the school year for all working parents.

Members of the Board of Directors

Each year the membership elects officers to serve as the Board of Directors. It is their responsibility to administer the affairs of the school. They are the over-all policy-making body of the school. The Board of Directors is responsible for transacting business and making decisions consistent with the UPNS Articles of Incorporation and the UPNS Constitution. Board Member job duties and responsibilities are described in detail in the UPNS Constitution.

Board Members act not as individuals but as representatives of the membership at large. Each Board Member tries to carefully consider the best interests of the membership and represent this interest in formulating UPNS policy. Each Board Member considers decisions in terms of what is good for the whole group, not just for an individual child, or the convenience or pleasure of the Board Member. Board Members take a long view of the future of UPNS. They attempt to consider how present decisions will affect the school and the membership in years to come.

Board Meetings are open to all school members. Each family’s vote carries equal weight at these meetings. Board members are required to attend all Board Meetings as a part of their job duties.